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Circ-Oil Lube Consoles

SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


The Oil Purification / Bearing Lubrication Experts

Since its founding in 1969, SESCO has become the preferred source for industrial lubrication, oil purification, fluid conditioning/purification and vacuum process equipment. Its reputation has been built – and maintained – from a foundation of solid engineering, quality manufacturing, and a commitment to responsive, dependable after-sale customer support and service.

Our customers know us as problem solvers. No wonder. We custom-build our industrial lubrication system and oil/fluid purification equipment to their unique, application-specific requirements. And that’s how we’ll build it for you.

As so many industries have discovered, it pays to contact SESCO for all your custom industrial lubrication and oil/fluid purification needs.

Oil Purification and Industrial Lubrication Systems


 Oil Purification & Regeneration   

With our vacuum oil purification and oil regeneration systems, most used industrial lubricants, insulating fluids, and waste oils can be restored to new-oil quality or better. Today’s strict environmental regulations, not to mention the increasing emphasis on recycling and conserving resources, make it very difficult and costly to dispose of used oils.

 Bearing  Lubrication 

We design and manufacture circ-oil industrial lubrication systems for a wide range of industrial equipment bearing lubrication applications. Industrial lubrication systems are custom designed and built to your specifications.