Power Distribution

SESCO engineers innovative solutions for power distributors.

Industry Solutions

  • SES320 Insulating Oil Conditioning

    Insulating oil requires conditioning when new or already in-service oil has a lower than acceptable breakdown voltage value (dielectric strength) due to excess dissolved water, dissolved gas, and/or solid matter contamination. Our 320 series of vacuum insulating oil purifiers are available in stationary and mobile configurations for oil conditioning and transformer service.
  • SES320R Insulating Oil Regeneration

    Insulating oil requires reclamation if oil neutralization values and related properties have deteriorated beyond acceptable levels due to the presence of excess acid, oxidation by-products, or other age-related contaminants. Insulating oil reclamation systems incorporate an additional treatment stage to restore neutralization values, color, and other related oil properties. Our 320R series of vacuum insulating oil purifiers can be used for both oil reclamation and conditioning and are also available in stationary and mobile configurations.
  • SES441 Substation Maintenance Trailers

    Custom mobile insulating oil filtration systems are available for less-demanding low-volume applications where dissolved gas contamination is not an issue. The SES441 series uses single or multi-stage filtration to remove, particulate, free water, and small quantities of dissolved water if necessary. The systems are usually customized to suite the specific customer application.
  • Vacuum Systems

    The SES420 family of vacuum packages are targeted at transformer dry out applications but can be custom engineered for other industrial applications on request. The SES420 series is packaged in four standard size ranges ( 375,700,1200,1650 CFM) with backing vacuum pump type, booster bypass, and VFD atmospheric startup options. The systems are available as stand-alone skids, stand-alone cargo trailer packages, and SES320 oil processor integrated.  
  • Dry Air Systems

    The SES329 family of dry air and dry breathing air systems are targeted at transformer service applications but can be custom engineered for other industrial applications on request. The SES329 series is available as either dry air or dry breathing air quality configurations at two dewpoint quality standards (-56°C & - 65°C).  Multiple compressor options facilitate stand-alone and SES320 oil processor integrated package configurations. Dewpoint and CO monitoring instrumentation is optional but recommended.
  • Fullers Earth Systems

    The SES522 Adsorbent Treatment Systems (Fullers Earth) remove polar contaminants such as acids, oxidation by-products, and color bodies from numerous fluids. The bulk media  systems can be used for stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with the SES320 conditioning system to regenerate badly degraded ISO class III insulating fluids and with multiple passes, "desludge" badly contaminated transformers. The SES522 systems are available in three tower sizes as well as in dual and single tower configurations.
  • Vacuum Line Cold Traps

    SESCO manufactures vacuum line cold traps to help quantify the rate and volume of water extraction during the transformer vacuum dry out process. The water vapor separates as ice when it contacts the trap cold collector surface. An extraction rate is determined by measuring the collected ice (water) over a given time period. The trapped ice must be thawed to measure the water collected. Refrigerated and liquid nitrogen cooled traps are available. Single stage refrigerated traps are used for trapping between vacuum pump stages. Liquid nitrogen and two stage (Cascade) refrigerated systems are cold enough to trap at evacuation pressures.
  • Oil Booster Heating Systems

    The SES460-2400  booster oil heating system is a versatile oil heating tool designed to aid oil processing in cold weather transformer installation and maintenance.  The SES460-2400 can be set up to boost oil processor return or supply temperatures. It also can be being used as a stand-alone 40 GPM heating circulation system for preheating transformers and storage tanks in cold conditions. The variable speed positive displacement pumping system tops out at 40 GPM.  Three individually controlled 32 kW low watt density heating banks provide 96 kW of heating capacity.  When supplied by an oil processor (or pump) a pump bypass circuit is provided to allow the system to be used as a push through heating system.  A  weather-protected NEMA 4X control panel is provided.