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SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


Liquid Nitrogen Vacuum Line Cold Trap

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Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap
The liquid nitrogen cold trap uses bottled liquid nitrogen as a chilling media to provide the necessary vapor trapping surface temperatures. The extracted water and oil vapor is trapped on the surface of a nitrogen filled thimble. A measuring intervals, the thimble is removed. Ice is collected thawed for water measurement. A trap bypass line permits continuous evacuation during measuring cycles. The nitrogen trap is small, efficient, and maintenance free but must be defrosted manually. Handling the liquid nitrogen is very easy and safe with the optional protective clothing provided. Connections can be adapted to 3" if necessary.
Liquid Nitrogen Vacuum Line Cold Trap Features:
· 9.25 liter liquid nitrogen capacity
· 414 inČ trap surface area
· -195°C  surface temperature
· 2.8L average trapping capacity
· 4" MxF Cam connections provided
· Inlet and outlet isolation valves provided.
· Portable 2 wheel aluminum dolly design.
· Includes bypass piping and isolation valve for continuous evacuation.
Contoured scraper
Nitrogen dewar dispensing hose with diffuser.
Cryogenic gloves
Face shield and apron