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SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


SES/320DM-65 Insulating Oil Pruifier

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Model: SES/320DM-65-12KW-240/1R-IP-A-B-D25B-V250-FE2-FC

The SES/320 high vacuum degasification system is designed to process or, store, purified insulating oil at a rate of 3-4 GPM.  This unit is capable of both single pass and batch processing. The batch storage capacity is 60 gallons. The discharge flow is adjustable from 0-4 GPM @ 5-50 psi. The processing leg of the system continuously heats, dehydrates, degases, and filters at 4 GPM. The system includes bypass piping for the optional Cartridge based Fullers Earth treatment.  
Power requirements: 240V/1 @ 80 amps.
Oil Connections: Inlet 1 -1/4" Female Cam, Discharge 3/4" Female Cam 
Vacuum Connection: 1-1/2" FNPT
Dimensions: 50" X 55" X 73"  1800 Lbs  (including oil)  
72" x 72" x 84" Crated 1500 Lbs (dry)  

System S
ingle Pass Mode Performance:
  • Performance Basis 1 Pass System

    -Oil Petroleum based Insulating oil

    -Oil Processing Rate 180 GPH
    -Heating Capacity 12 KW - 60F Rise / Pass

    -Max Oil Processing Temperature: 95C

    -Total Dissolved Water Content Reduced from 60 PPM to < 10PPM per pass

    -Total Gas Content From 10% by volume to below .25%

    -Dielectric Strength >45 KV
    -Vacuum Capacity 160 cfm  @ 1 torr 
    -Filtration Inlet 3 micron, Discharge 1/2 Micron
    -Acid and Color Correction Cartridge Fullers Earth or Activated Alumina w/ bypass 

System Batch Mode Performance:

  • Performance Basis Multi pass batch 3 pass system

    -Oil Petroleum based insulating oil

    -Oil Processing Rate 180 GPH

    -Oil Processing Temperature: 70C

    -Batch Volume: 65 Gallons

    -Processing Time: 20 - 150 minutes (>80F Starting oil temp)                

    -Total Dissolved Water Content From 100PPM  to < 5 PPM

    -Total Gas Content: From 10% by volume to below 0.15%

    -Dielectric Strength >60 KV