Stock & Quick Ship

SESCO is constantly building equipment to stock for expedited delivery. The stock equipment below is ready to ship or scheduled to be completed soon.


Stock Equipment Completed or in Production
  • 900 GPH Mobile Oil Conditioning System

    (Available Dec 1) This compact, easy to tow,  mobile insulating oil conditioning system is designed for single pass conditioning of new and in-service (Group I & II) insulating fluids, increasing voltage values (dielectric strength) by removing dissolved water, dissolved gas, solid matter contamination. The SES320-900C includes vacuum dry out capabilities and can be used to vacuum filling. 
  • 2400 GPH Mobile Conditioning System

    (Available Dec 1)This  van mounted  2400 GPH dual vacuum pumpset pacakage is fully equipted for simultanious insulating oil conditioning and transformer dry-out. This is a complete service package and includes a low NPSH inlet booster pump, a dry breathing air system, an integrated oil storage rreservoir, data logging, and a complete instrumentation package.  The nose compartment of the 48' trtailer can be outfitted with optional primary and/or secondary generators or can be used for a storage, wortk, or comfort area.  
  • 2400 GPH Lube Oil Dehydrator

    The SES300S-2400VS high-efficiency lube oil vacuum dehydration system removes free and emulsified water from a wide variety of industrial lube and insulating oils. 
  • Membrane Micro-Filtration System

    The SES440M Stainless steel Scepter membrane will separate particles as from 0.05 to 1 micron in size. 
  • Dual Tower Fullers Earth System

    This SES522 Dual Tower Adsorbent Treatment Systems (Fullers Earth) removes polar contaminants such as acids, oxidation by-products, and color bodies from numerous fluids. 
  • 96 kW 40 GPM Booster Heating System

    This 96 kW 40 GPM booster oil heating system is a versatile oil heating tool designed to aid oil processing in cold weather transformer installation and maintenance.