96 kW 40 GPM
Booster Heating Skid

This versatile 96kW SES460 heating skid can be used to boost processor oil return temperatures, to boost oil processor supply temperatures, and as a stand alone circulating heating system.

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This 96 kW 40 GPM booster oil heating system is a versatile oil heating tool designed to aid oil processing in cold weather transformer installation and maintenance.  The SES460-96KW-480V-2400 can be set up to boost oil processor return or supply temperatures. It also can be being used as a stand-alone 40 GPM heating circulation system for preheating transformers and storage tanks in cold conditions. The variable speed positive displacement pumping system tops out at 40 GPM.  Three individually controlled 32 kW low watt density heating banks provide 96 kW of heating capacity.  When supplied by an oil processor (or pump) a pump bypass circuit is provided to allow the system to be used as a push through heating system.  A  weather-protected NEMA 4X control panel is provided.


Model # SES460-96KW-480V-2400-4X-ELC-IP

96 Kw - ( 3-32kW banks)

11,5 W/INSQ

Variable Speed  (10 - 40 GPM)

Stand Alone 40 GPM Circulating Heating System

Boost Processor Supply or Return Temperatures 

Easy to Ship, Lift, and Store 


SES460 400x400

  • Stand Alone  Circulating Heater
    • Transformer Heat Up
    • Storage Tank Heat Up
    • Oil Transfer
  • Boost Oil Processor Inlet Supply Temperature
  • Boost Oil Processor Discharge Return Temperature 

  • Variable Speed 10–40 GPM Oil Circulation
  • 8 GPM minimum bypass pass through flow rate for heater operation.
  • 70 PSI max discharge pressure
  • 96 kW low watt density heating capacity
  • NEMA 4X control panel w/  control protection cover 
  • 2” CAM connections 

  • 96 kW Low watt density electric heating system
  • 50°F temperature rise / pass @ 30 GPM ( 40 GPM max flow rate)
  • 11.5 watts / in² Watt density
  • (3) 32 KW heating banks - w/ individual panel ON/OFF switches
  • NEMA 4 digital PID temperature controller
  • Individual element high temperature shut down protection provided
  • Heater bank ON/OFF stepping logic included 

  • PLC logic in the heater is used to provide unattended automatic fail-safe operation.
  • Illuminated selector switches are provided for manual heater bank control and status indication.
  • Panel mounted digital PID temperature controller provided.
  • 250A main circuit breaker provided
  • All packages are built to NEMA and IEC specifications
  • Main power disconnect switch/breaker
  • 100% circuit breaker protected
  • Low flow and high-temperature alarms lights provided.
  • 100’ Power cable included 

  • Skid mounted with a recessed deck plate for drip collection
  • Lifting cage provided with removable side walls and top for transport protection.
  • Forklift provisions provided
  • Removable side panels for easy shipping