Insulating Oil Purifiers

SESCO Insulating Oil Purifiers are available in stationary and mobile configurations for oil conditioning, regeneration, and transformer dry-out.


SES320 Insulating Oil Conditioning

Insulating oil requires conditioning when new or already in-service oil has a lower than acceptable breakdown voltage value (dielectric strength) due to excess dissolved water, dissolved gas, and/or solid matter contamination. Our 320 series of vacuum insulating oil purifiers are available in stationary and mobile configurations for oil conditioning and transformer service.

SES320R Insulating Oil Regeneration

Insulating oil requires reclamation if oil neutralization values and related properties have deteriorated beyond acceptable levels due to the presence of excess acid, oxidation by-products, or other age-related contaminants. Insulating oil reclamation systems incorporate an additional treatment stage to restore neutralization values, color, and other related oil properties. Our 320R series of vacuum insulating...

SES441 Substation Maintenance Trailers

Custom mobile insulating oil filtration systems are available for less-demanding low-volume applications where dissolved gas contamination is not an issue. The SES441 series uses single or multi-stage filtration to remove, particulate, free water, and small quantities of dissolved water if necessary. The systems are usually customized to suite the specific customer application.