SES320B Batch Purifier

This compact versatile 55 gallon batch oil conditioning system can be used to remove dissolved water, gas, and particulate from almost any industrial lubricant or dielectric fluid.

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This versatile single or multi-pass conditioning system can be used to prepare a wide variety of mineral and synthetic fluids for equipment service. Cable oil, specialty dielectric fluids, ester compressor fluids, and transmission fluids are just a few of the common SES320B applications.

SES320B Highlights

Conditions Mineral & Synthetic Dielectric Cable Fluids

  1 GPM Single Pass  or 55 Gal Batch Processing

  Viscosities up to 2000 SSU

12 Kw Electric Heating - 240V/1 or 480/240/3 

130 Cfm Vacuum System

External Vacuum Connection



Processing Modes

The SES320B is capable of both single pass and multi-pass batch processing schemes. The internal stainless-steel batch reservoir accommodates an entire standard 55 gallon drum for convenient batch processing.
In batch mode the oil makes multiple passes through the process loop and reservoir. If the reservoir is empty, the vacuum and heating capacity are sufficient to permit straight through single pass processing.          

Cable Oils and Other Specialty Dielectric Fluids

SES320B is used as a specialized dielectric fluid conditioning system to prepare mineral-based and synthetic dielectric fluids for high voltage equipment and cable service. Fluid insulating properties are improved to acceptable levels by removing dissolved water, dissolved gas, and solid matter contamination. If necessary, polar contaminants can also be removed using the process loop optional activated alumina cartridge filter. The discharge pressure is adjustable to 175 psi to handle challenging cable filling requirements.
The SES320B system is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of cable dielectric fluids including the more viscous fluids DF500.  

Polyolester Compressor Oils

Many of the new environmentally friendly refrigerants require synthetic compressor lubrication fluids. These Polyolester fluids are highly hydrophilic with a very high potential water saturation levels. In most cases, the fluids must be dried prior to service. The SES320B can be used as a 55-gallon batch high vacuum dehydration system to dry and hold a wide viscosity range of polyolester fluids in preparation for compressor charging. If necessary polar contaminants can also be removed using the process loop optional activated alumina cartridge filter. The discharge pressure is adjustable to 175 psi to facilitate compressor charging equipment if necessary. Optional metering is also available in custom applications.
Contact sales for custom batch and single pass Polyolester conditioning systems. 

Dual Processing Modes - (Panel Selectable)

The SES320B has enough vacuum, heating, storage capacity to permit both batch and single pass processing.   In batch mode, an internal 304 SS storage tank is used to provide multiple passes through the process loop.  Batch quantities can range from 10 to 60 gallons.  Single-pass mode requires the batch reservoir to be empty and operates at a reduced flow rate to provide straight-through processing. Batch and single pass processing modes switch selectable from the control panel.

Adsorbent Treatment Phase

An adsorbent treatment stage is provided to remove acids, color bodies, sludge components and other polar contaminants if necessary. A bypass circuit is provided. Use of the adsorbent treatment stage is optional. The housing accepts standard flat gasket sealed Fullers Earth and Activated Alumina cartridges.    

Accurate Fail Safe Oil Temperature Control

The SES320B heating system uses high surface area heating elements to provide gentile low watt density indirect oil heating.  A digital PID temperature controller is used to provide accurate panel adjustable temperature control. Flow and high-temperature system interlocks are provided for worry-free fail-safe operation. 

Stand Alone Vacuum System 

Need a vacuum system?  Whether it's for everyday use or emergency use the SES320B has an isolated external connection allowing it to be used as a stand-alone 130 CFM vacuum system capable of achieving pressures as low as 0.1 torr.  A panel mounted full-scale digital vacuum gauge is provided to monitor the vacuum system pressure.

Built-in 100% Spill Retention

 The SES320B skid is designed to contain minor drips and major spills. The skid integrated tank provides 100% containment of any potential system spill.  Including the entire volume of the 65-gallon batch tank. 

Processing Rate
Batch Mode

180 GPH (680 LPH)

65 Gallon Capacity

Single Pass Mode -60 GPH (226 LPH)
Processed oil quality
Dielectric Strength
(ASTM-D1816-84A 2mm gap
>60 Kv-
(Dielectric Fluids)
Moisture Content  Typically 1-10 ppm
Total Gas Content  < 0.25%
Particulate Content 0.5 Micron @ Beta 75

Polar Contamination 

(Treatment stage is optional)

Effect on oil properties
will vary with the application
Processing conditions
Treatment Stages / Pass

Oil Heating
3 Micron Filtration (Beta 200)

Vacuum Degasification

Vacuum Dehydration

Polar Contaminant Adsorption (Bypass Included)

0.5 Micron Filtration (Beta 75)

Temperature Range Adjustable
120F° ( 49C°) to 190F° ( 88C°)
Vacuum limits 0.1 torr
Vacuum Capacity 130 CFM @ 0.5 torr
Suction Lift 12 Ft
Discaharge Pressure Adjustable 40-175 PSI
Heating system
Capacity 12Kw (Dual 6Kw switchable Banks)
Watt Density 11.5 Watts/in²
Max Temperature Rise / Pass Batch Mode 70F° @ 12Kw 
Single Pass 100F° @ 6Kw

English 55” W x 55” D x 74” T
Metric 140cm W x 140cm D x 188cm T
Inlet 1.25 FNPT
Discharge 0.75 FNPT
Vacuum  2" CAM
Power Requirements
480V/3PH/60HZ 25A
240V/2PH/60HZ 50A
230V/1PH/60HZ 80A
60A @ 6Kw
English 2850 Lbs (Dry)
~3500 Lbs (Full Batch)
Metric 1,293 Kg (Dry)
~1587 Kg (Full Batch)

Operating Voltage 

  • 240/1/60
  • 240/3/60
  • 480/3/60
  • 380/3/60
  • 575/3/60


  • Outlet Moisture  & Temperature Monitor

The SES320B can be stationary skid-mounted or packaged in an easy-to-tow cargo trailer for mobile applications.

  • Skid Mounting
    Built-to-order skid-mounted equipment can normally be built to meet customer footprint and access requirements.  Consult SESCO with special requests.
  • Cargo Trailer Mounting
    All cargo trailers are specifically engineered to accommodate equipment load, weight distribution, to provide optimum towing conditions. Cargo trailer weight capacities (GVRW) range from 4,000 to 16,000 Lbs. SESCO will provide the cargo trailer size and weight capacity options available for the system being quoted.