SES320R Insulating Oil Regeneration

Available as a skid or in numerous mobile packages, this completely customizable insulating oil regeneration system prepares ISO Group III in service insulating fluids for service.

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The SES320R family of insulating oil reclamation systems is designed to reclaim or "regenerate" severely degraded  ISO/ Group III insulating oils. SES320R insulating oil reclamation systems can be used to completely reverse the harmful effects caused by aging, oxidation, acid accumulation, sludge formation, and sludge precipitation. The SES320R adds an additional Adsorbent Treatment processing stage (Fullers Earth) to the SES320 conditioning systems. The SES320R oil purifiers can be used for either oil conditioning or complete oil reclamation.

SES320 Oil Properties Restored

  • Water content
  • Gas content
  • Dirt content
  • Breakdown voltage

SES320R Additional Oil Properties Restored with Adsorbent Media Treatment Phase.

  • Neutralization value (TAN)
  • Interfacial tension (IFT)
  • Color
  • Dissipation factor
  • Oxidation Stability (Optional)

We offer two types of Adsorbent Treatment stages for SES320R insulating oil reclamation systems. Both restore oil properties equally. The first type use cartridge or bulk adsorbent fuller's earth that is replaced once spent. 


Cartridge Media

  • The SES320RC uses replaceable adsorbent media cartridges. The cartridges are replaced when the media is spent.  Cartridge media can be used with system flow rates up to 600 GPH. 


Bulk Media

  • The SES320RB systems use bulk replaceable adsorbent (Fullers Earth) media and can be used for both oil reclamation and oil reconditioning. The media in this system must be replaced when spent. The SES320RB is targeted for transformer oil service where oil reclamation may be required.  This versatile system can be used for single-pass dehydration, multi-pass reclamation, transformer evacuation, and vacuum filling. Flow rates are available up to 50 GPM (11,400 LPH)

The SES320R mounting options will be the same as the equivalent size SES320 


  • Cargo Trailer Mounting
    All cargo trailers are specifically engineered to accommodate equipment load, weight distribution, to provide optimum towing conditions. Cargo trailer weight capacities (GVRW) range from 4,000 to 16,000 Lbs. SESCO will provide the cargo trailer size and weight capacity options available for the system being quoted.