The SES300S-2400VS high-efficiency lube oil vacuum dehydration system removes free and emulsified water from a wide variety of industrial lube and insulating oils.

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SESCO designs and manufactures high-efficiency vacuum dehydration systems for industrial lubricants used in high water contamination environments.  The SES300S purifier is a high-efficiency vacuum distillation system.  Compared to the typical "mass transfer" vacuum dehydrator the SES300S will remove 5X-10X the amount of water contamination per pass. Water contamination from seal failure can force costly outages and lost production. The SES300S can be used to offset significant water ingression problems, allowing the repairs to take place during scheduled maintenance outages. Equipment payback can be immediate.

2400 GPH Vacuum Dehydrator

Model: SES300S-2400VS-460-P-IP-2F-128KW-AC-WC-ACD-SF-VFC-REPL12-RM-TM


  • Insulating Oil Reclamation- Free Water 
  • Turbine  Oil 
  • Paper Machine  Lube  Oils
  • Steel Mill Morg Oil 
  • Press Lube Oils 
  • Machining Center Hydraulic Oils 



Mineral & Synthetic 
Consult factory if oil viscosity is > than ISO 220

Min. Oil Temperature

60°F  with ISO 46  @ 40 GPM 
Consult Factory 

Operating Conditions

Min. Ambient Temperature


Max. Ambient Temperature


Inlet Suction Conditions

7 –24 psi(a)

Cooling Water Temperature

40°F - 80°F
Cooling Air Temperature 30°F - 90°F



Equipment Design Criteria



 Flow Rate

0-40 GPM

(Electronic Speed Control)

Dispersion Type

Packed Column

Discharge Pressure 30 - 70 psi (Adjustable)

Power Supply


Power Consumption

190A Max 

Cooling Water Consumption

5-10 GPM  when secondary air cooled vapor condenser is used  

Water Removal

Free Water (ASTM-D1533)

Removes 100% of all free water

Emulsified Water             

Removes 100% of all emulsified water

Dissolved Water

Reduced to < 90 ppm (Multi-pass)

Operating Vacuum Level

26–28 InHg

Vacuum Source               

Hook & Claw 30 CFM

Water Vapor Condensing System

Primary Cooling Media


< 90°F for optimum performance  

Secondary Cooling Media


< 90°F for optimum performance

Condensate Storage      

SS 10 GAL Reservoir

Condensate Drain

 Manual & Automatic Power Water Drain

Particulate Removal

Inlet Pump Strainer               

80 Mesh Basket Strain  

Inlet Stage Filtration

7" x 36" Cartridge - < 6 Micron  

Discharge Stage Filtration

Optional Use  - 7" x 36" Cartridge  

Oil Heating           



      Capacity (KW)

128 KW  (4 - 32 kW Banks)

      Watt Density

11 Watts / INSQ



      Temp Rise / Pass

50°F @ 40 GPM

70°F @ 30 GPM

105°[email protected] 20 GPM



  • Automatic Internal Recirculation When Discharge is Restricted 
  • Electronic Variable Speed Circulation Rate
  • Primary Air & Secondary Water Vapor Condensors Maximize Efficiency When Operating in High Ambient Conditions
  • Automatic Power Condensate Drain 
  • Includes Discharge Flow Rate Meter 
  • Includes Discharge Flow PD Totaling Meter