Oil Processor Upgrades

SESCO is committed to customer service. Equipment service and training can take place either on-site or if the equipment is mobile at SESCO's dedicated service facility. On-site service usually involves troubleshooting, known issue repair and possibly routing maintenance.  Operator training also usually takes place on site.  At the factory, in the mobile equipment service center, the scope of available services is much broader.  Available services go beyond known issues and troubleshooting to include annual routine maintenance,  performance testing, instrument calibration, component repair, and replacement. The service center also does trailer repairs and component and control system upgrades.

Lube Oil Purifiers

SESCO designs and manufactures high-efficiency vacuum dehydration systems for industrial lubricants used in high water contamination environments.  The SES300 purifiers are high-efficiency vacuum distillation systems.  Compared to the typical "mass transfer" vacuum dehydrator the SES300 will remove 5X-10X  the amount of water contamination per pass. Water contamination from seal failure can force costly outages and lost production. Properly sized, the SES300 can be used to offset significant water ingression problems, allowing the repairs to take place during scheduled maintenance outages. Equipment payback can be immediate.


SESCO offers a wide variety of state of the art instrumentation. Ask about standalone and integrated upgrade options

Stock Equipment

Stock equipment completed or in production.