Service & Training
Service & Training

On site or at our dedicated service center, SESCO is committed to providing the industries finest equipment service and customer support.

Equipment Service & Training 

SESCO is committed to customer service. Equipment service and training can take place either on-site or if the equipment is mobile at SESCO's dedicated service facility. On-site service usually involves troubleshooting, known issue repair and possibly routing maintenance.  Operator training also usually takes place on site.  At the factory, in the mobile equipment service center, the scope of available services is much broader.  Available services go beyond known issues and troubleshooting to include annual routine maintenance,  performance testing, instrument calibration, component repair, and replacement. The service center also does trailer repairs and component and control system upgrades.


Oil Processor Service

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SESCO's dedicated 10,000 SQFT mobile equipment service center can accommodate four full-size van mounted oil processors simultaneously. SESCO offers annual and biennial reduced price service agreements that can include transportation, testing, routine maintenance, and calibration. The scope of service center available services include:

  • Known Issue Repairs
    • Processor 
    • Trailer 
    • Generator 
  • Testing
    • Vacuum System 
    • Oil System 
    • Heating System
    • Electrical & Control System
    • Instrumentation
    • Generator Load Test
  • Routine Maintenance 
    • Processor 
    • Generator
    • Dry Air System
  • Calibration 
    • Moisture Monitors 
    • Dew Point Monitors 
    • Vacuum Gauges
    • Temperature Gauges

Oil Processor Upgrades

SESCO can upgrade your aging oil processor. Upgrades can range in scope greatly. Most are typically minor. There are many factors involved but even major upgrades salvaging only functional major components make economic sense under the right circumstances. SESCO also upgrades and services competitors equipment. Common upgrades include the following:  

  • Complete Control System
  • Instrumentation 
  • Vacuum System 
  • Degas Chamber Level Control System
  • Oil Pumping System & Piping.
  • New Trailer Installation
  • Trailer Belly Storage 
  • Primary Generator Installation
  • Auxiliary Generator Installation


On-Site Equipment Service

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SESCO's onsite service is available for scheduled routine maintenance and known issue repair. Emergency on-site service is also available. Call technical support at +1-260-422-1671. We will do everything possible to solve the problem and limit lost production.   

Scheduled On-Site Services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Known Issue Repair
  • Vacuum Pump Service
  • System Testing & Tune-up
  • Control System Logic Upgrades
  • Dry Air System Service 
  • Instrumentation  Replacement 
Emergency On-Site Service
  • Call Technical Support - 260-422-1671


On-Site Training

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On-site equipment operation and maintenance training can be scheduled whenever necessary to accommodate personnel and equipment changes. Both hands-on and classroom training are available.  Call +1-260-422-1671 and ask for the service department for a training estimate. 

Oil Processor Training Topics
  • Processor Operational Theory 
  • Alarm Troubleshooting
  • Transformer Processing Procedures 
  • Vacuum Pump Maintenance
  • Air Compressor Maintenance
  • Air Dryer Maintenance
  • Generator Maintenance 
Stationary  Equipment Training Topics
  • Operational Theory 
  • Alarm Troubleshooting 
  • Equipment Maintenance