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SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


SES 320-MP Multi-Pass Oil Conditioning Systems


SES 320-MP SES 320-MP SES 320-MP SES-320-MP

Common applications and names for multi-pass insulating oil reconditioning systems


  • Silicone Insulating Fluid Reconditioning Systems
  • Cable Oil Reconditioning and filling systems
  • POE Compressor Fluid Reconditioning
  • Polyolester Degas Systems
  • Hydrophone Oil Filling Systems  
  • X-Ray Tube Head Oil Filling Systems
  • Batch Degasification Systems
  • Batch Reconditioning Systems
  • Batch Insulating Oil Filling Systems
  • Insulating Oil Purification Plant
  • Transformer Oil Purification Plant
  • Oil Purification Plant 


The SES/320-MP systems are designed to perform multiple pass mineral and synthetic insulating oil reconditioning. These custom designed reconditioning systems are typically used for recirculation within smaller electrical devices, such as distribution transformers, breakers, tap changers ect


The 320-MP series can also be combined with integrated storage capacity, and metering equipment to provide batch oil reconditioning, reconditioned oil storage, and electrical apparatus filling capabilities


Typical 3 Pass Performance 

50 ppm dissolved water reduced to < 5 ppm   
12% dissolved gas reduced to < 0.15% 
Removes 99.98% of solid matter < 0.5 microns

Improves dielectric strength > 70 Kva


Circulation flow rates from 60 to 960 GPH.

Batch Oil storage from 30 to 2000 gallons  


For further details, contact SESCO.

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