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Circ-Oil Lube Consoles

SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


Replacement Oil Filter Cartridges

We offer a wide range of replacement filter cartridges for a variety of lube and insulating fluid applications. In every instance, these cartridges are,

  • competitively priced
  • high-quality
  • high-efficiency
  • high-capacity - for long life


We also have many common replacement filter cartridges in stock, ready for quick shipment.

The types of replacement filter cartridges we carry include those for,


Particulate Contamination

Pleated micro-glass synthetic media for all lube and insulating fluids:



Water & Particulate Contamination

Pleated adsorbent media for all lube & insulating fluids:

         Velcon Aquacon Water Absorbing Cartridges 


Dissolved Water Contamination

Super-dry adsorbent media for insulating fluid contamination:

         Velcon Superdri Cartridges, SD Series


For further details and to purchase cartridges visit our on-line store here--> SESCO Shop.


Common names for replacement filter cartridges:
  • Replacement Filter Elements
  • Filter Elements
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Synthetic Filter Cartridges
  • Synthetic Filter Elements
  • Water Absorbent Filter Cartridges
  • Water Absorbent Filter Elements
  • Dissolved Water Filter Cartridges
  • Dissolved Water Filter Elements
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