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SESCO is constantly building equipment to stock for expedited delivery. The stock equipment below is ready to ship or scheduled to be completed soon.


Stock Equipment Completed or in Production
  • SES321-900

    SES321-900 in stock ready to ship.
    This compact 1200 GPH mobile insulating oil conditioning system is designed for single pass conditioning of new and in service (Group I & II) insulating fluids, increasing voltage values (dielectric strength) by removing dissolved water, dissolved gas, solid matter contamination. The SES321-900 includes vacuum dry out capabilities and can be used to vacuum filling. 
  • SES322 Batch Oil Purifier

    SES322 (480V) version is in stock ready to ship.
     The SES322 is versatile  small volume oil purifier.  This single or multi-pass 60-gallon batch oil processing system can be used to condition or completely regenerate a wide variety of new and in-service mineral and synthetic dielectric and  lubricating fluids.  Restore color, correct acidity, remove dissolved water, gas, particulate, and oxidation by-products  Cable oils, specialty dielectric fluids, ester compressor fluids, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids and  numerous transmission fluids are just a few of the common SES322 applications
  • SES320(R)-2400 Stock

    Available to Ship 11/30
    The SESCO SES320 series of insulating oil conditioning and regeneration systems have been manufactured for more than 30 years and can be found in the power generation, transmission, distribution and transformer manufacturing industries world-wide. The SES320 family of oil purifiers are used to condition new and recondition in service insulating fluids for use in high voltage electrical equipment. The SES320R incorporates an optional adsorbent treatment stage to add oil regeneration capability to the SESE320. .
  • Oil Booster Pumps

    SES330S is in stock ready to ship!
    SESCO SES330 series inlet oil booster pumps are low pressure, low suction head, portable booster pumps designed to assist oil processors when circulating oil through a partially filled transformer being held under full vacuum. The SES330 is available in centrifugal and positive displacement pump versions. 
  • SES328 Transformer Evacuation Vacuum Line Cold Traps

    The SES328N-9.25-BP liquid nitrogen cold trap is in stock.
    The SES328 vacuum line cold traps are used to measure the rate and volume of water extraction during the transformer vacuum dry out process. An extraction rate is determined by measuring the collected ice (water) over a given time period. Refrigerated and liquid nitrogen cooled traps are available.
  • Transformer Vacuum Manifolds

    SES425 evacuation and hot oil spray manifolds are both in stock.
    The SES425 manifolds are designed for use on transformers with Qualitrol pressure relief valves. Evacuation and  Evacuation with hot oil spray versions are available. With an all aluminum construction, the SES425 series are easy to handle and maneuver into position on site. If Qualitrol pressure reliefs are not used the SES425 series will be custom designed to your specifications.
  • Oil Booster Heating Systems

    The SES460-2400  booster oil heating system is a versatile oil heating tool designed to aid oil processing in cold weather transformer installation and maintenance. The SES460-2400 can be set up to boost oil processor return or supply temperatures. It also can be being used as a stand-alone 40 GPM heating circulation system for preheating transformers and storage tanks in cold conditions. The variable speed positive displacement pumping system tops out at 40 GPM. 
  • SES300S-2400VS - 2400 GPH Lube Oil Dehydrator

    The SES300S-2400VS high-efficiency lube oil vacuum dehydration system removes free and emulsified water from a wide variety of industrial lube and insulating oils. 
  • SES800-4500 Cross Flow Membrane Micro-Filtration System

    The SES800-4500 is a cross flow membrane micro filtration system uses a rugged stainless steel septor mico filtration membrane and high velocity cross flow filtration to separate fluid particles as small as 0.1 micro. Common recycling applications are fine carbon contamination in lubricating and insulating oils and ethylene glycol recovery.